Hover effects on Divi Columns. Ready to launch a new project? It allows users to add blurbs with a slide hover effect that slides in either the left or right direction. When a user hovers up on the blurb, it slides either up or down direction based on the selected option. Select … If yes, then what was your experience. 2. Mar 24, 2016. You can create unlimited designs with the Divi Next Blurb module. These flip boxes are directional Divi blurbs that flip depending upon the direction mouse cursor comes and goes. Learn how your comment data is processed. I am using Divi 2.6, if you are using an older version of Divi then the css class field will be at the bottom of the General settings tab. Create a new section and add the blurb module. The hover effect applied to these blurbs is that, when a user hovers over on these blurbs, it slides upward with complete content and displays the button. 4. How to Add Advanced Hover Effects to Divi’s Blurb Module Using Hover.css This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and the code you need to add hover effects to the Divi blurb module. Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a quick look at the outcome across different screen sizes. This website is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes. This layout has been created using the layout 2 of the Advanced Flip Box module, that allows users to create Zoom In and Zoom Out, Divi blurb hover effects. Let’s Get Started . Divi Next Blurb Plugin has introduced unlimited hover effects with so many design options. And therefore, to make this... Divi is a powerful WordPress theme! Showing all 5 results. The second of the eight Divi Blurbs in this kit, 2 – 8, has an image blurb … In today’s Divi tutorial, we’ll show you how to add some advanced hover effects to Divi’s Blurb Modules using Hover.css. Above blurb hover effects created using the Easebox layout of the Divi Extended module. We have shown you the 10 one of the best Divi blurb hover effect, created using the premium layouts of Divi Blurb Extended plugin. Divi Next Blurb Plugin has introduced unlimited hover effects with so many design options. He is strongly focused on delivering a quality experience to clients and customers. This blurb modification bounces on hover, causing attention towards it. Sign up to the Yates Design newsletter & receive news, tips & tricks about how to improve the online presence of your business. Above Divi blurb hover effect created using the layout 3 of the Advanced Flip Box module of the Divi Blurb Extended plugin. This first one of eight Divi Blurbs in this kit, 1 – 8, uses flat colour, has a square background using Elegant Themes pre-installed icons and a drop shadow hover. Though, you can also control the speed of the blurb hover effect when to fade the content and display. This blurb layout allows users to create blurbs with slide hover effect. And you can have fun making those columns jump! The blurb module has the icon, title and text field, we’ll use the button module to handle the link so the link you place in the blurb module isn’t important. Set the link you want in the button module, the button text isn’t important as it will be hidden. Now Divi has the option of turning any module into a link, I often find myself making sections with blurbs which are linked to other areas of the website. We've had a few support request for this so we thought we would make a quick tutorial. Customized blurb module layouts you can copy/paste into your Divi website. This plugin, provides multiple layouts options that comes with beautiful hover effects. Look at the “What I do” section. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Email me at hello@yatesdesign.com.au. It allows the user to add image, title, and content on the front side. How to add Divi drop cap inside single post content & blog pages, Divi Marketplace Guide: Plugins, Child Themes & Layouts. 1. So, go and check out other features of the Divi Blurb Extended plugin. When a user drags the mouse or hovers upon these blurbs, it slides the read more button upward. In this layout, when a user drags their mouse over the blurbs, the back content available on the blurb displays in a nice motion effect. Divi Next Blurb module has many hover effects to add to your designs. This is another blurb created using layout 3 of the Advanced Flip Box module. Lets Get Started On The Divi Blurb Module . Adding the custom CSS. Also, I think it’s outdated, and the websites that still have it are just not modifying legacy behavior to fit the mobile scene. It is achieved with the new Divi blurb module with an option to select a custom color or image for the background of front and flip-view. 2. How To Use the Layouts. Above shown blurb, created using the Divi Extended module of the plugin with the same name. This is a hover effect that I used on the front page of yatesdesign.com.au. However, it uses the layout 1 and its Top flip hover effect. 03. Preface: I do NOT like mouse hover actions on mobile devices. It was amazing. If you want to create Divi blurbs and looking for interesting hover effects, then below examples can become your inspiration. And displays the back content smoothly. This video will show you how to modify blurb module in Divi. Key features include read more button, on-hover color and … Divi Theme Blurb Modification – Hover Effect. That’s it! So add a row with 2, 3 or 4 columns & then use these settings: In each column add a blurb module and a button module. To add a great Divi Hover effect to this blurb, we will have to use a bit of CSS. I also threw in a spinning icon animation just for fun. And backside with title and content. LEARN MORE. Divi Flipbox layout available in the plugin adds the missing feature of Divi blurb module hover effects. You should probably change it. Custom Divi Blurb Module Design With Hover & Zoom Effect In this tutorial I will show you how to create a beautiful Blurb module design with hover & zoom effect. Hey guys, let’s learn how to transform a Divi blurb module into a cool mouse hover block. I know all of you are always looking for ways to make your websites stand out of the crowd. 2 The term Flexile is taken from the Latin word flexilis, which simply means Flexible. Layout - 46. Divi’s 3.0.49 update seems to have broken this effect. It’s an Advanced Flip Module’s layout that fades the front content of the Divi blurb when it’s hover by the user. 8 unique Divi UI Blurbs with hover effect. Here’s a preview of how they will look when we’re done: This is the blurb description field. I’d love to hear about any successes or failures you have with this. Your email address will not be published. At DiviExtended, we have some Divi Plugins and modules that add more functionalities to Divi. Flip box blurb hover effect is applied on these above Divi blurbs using the Flipbox layout of the Divi Extended module. This blurb layout is also created using the Advanced Flip Box module. follow this post on the Elegant Theme website, Blurb-Module-Hover-Effects-CSS-and-Layout-by-YatesDesign.com.au.zip, Click here to see some other Divi tutorials, Enable “Use Custom Gutter Width:” & set it to “1”, In the Custom CSS tab, set the CSS Class to “blurb-hover”. Required fields are marked *. Each column consists of two modules: blurb (for the icon) and text (on a separate background). The hover effects are added to the Blurbs using custom CSS that is included via a Divi Code Module. Whatever kind of website you’re building, chances are high that at some point, you’ll want to display a list of different services, steps and more. This blurb layout allows users to create blurbs with slide hover effect. Divi Blurbs Layout Kit available now in the Divi Den. Using these effects, give Divi blurb an out-of-the-box beauty and an interactive attraction, which nobody can deny to like. View The Live Demo. To fix it add this code to your CSS:.border-hover .et_pb_promo_description { position: static !important; } I’ll be adding an updating version of this tutorial with downloadable layout files within the the next week but this should do in … Your email address will not be published. A free layout for Divi with a section of custom blurb modules with hover effects released by Yates Design. Make your page pop. Quick Tutorial on How to Style Divi Blurbs with 3D Hover Effects. To import the layout file follow this post on the Elegant Theme website. Creative Hover Animation Our Blurb Module Design for you display Services Details faster and simpler and beautifully with minimal setting and configuration possible. A lot of Divi users came, took the benefit of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale, and we distributed hundreds of prizes worth thousands of dollars. If you want more products like this one here, feel free and go through Divi Next’s All Products. We will apply custom design styles to the Divi blurb module to achieve better hover effects and make our module more interactive so … This above visual representation showcases the layouts designed using layout 1 of the Advanced Flip Box module. Leave your thoughts in the comment section. Next click on the General Settings tab and enter a Title and URL for your blurb module (the image and blurb title link to a url), if you don’t want them to link just leave the url field blank. All quotes are obligation free. Responsive! Divi Blurb Extended module is designed to bring more functionality, and quality features into Divi theme blurb. How to Create a 3-Step Blurb Reveal on Hover with Divi A lot of company websites out there share a preview of their approach at some point. It creates a clean, uniform look. Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. With this plugin and its layouts, you no longer need to code or write custom CSS to add hover effects on blurbs. In those blocks I used Font Awesome icons as I needed a Drupal icon. Multiple Divi Blurb modules: Divi Blurb Extended and Advanced Flip Box module. Multiple Divi Blurb layouts within blurb modules: Classic, Flipbox, Easebox, Border box, Image card, layout 1 and layout 2. When a user hovers up on the blurb, it slides either up or down direction based on the selected option. This layout gives blurb a 3D touch, and you can also control the flip speed. Divi Next Blurb module offers so much that you will not feel the need for anything else. Sale! Once you’ve got all that set up correctly it should look something like this: Now all we need to do is add the CSS. You can add this code to your CSS file of choice or add it to Divi’s Custom CSS section (which can be found in Divi Theme Options > General tab > Custom CSS. But when you use this hover effect, it creates the illusion that each column is one element. Or you can also checkout more Divi blurb layouts. Drop me an email at hello@yatesdesign.com.au to discuss. The best part about this modification is that it is totally responsive. Add Unique Buttons With 80+ hover effect. In the following tutorial, I’ll use the Divi Blurb module to make things a little simpler. 10x Divi Blurb module layout templates (with hover effects) This free Divi layout pack includes 10 Divi Blurb modules with unique hover effects.

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